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JS-simulator of awesome game モアイの秘宝 (Moai no Hihou), Secret Treasure of Moai, also known as PASKHA. Kind of walkthrough training tool. Version1 lacks sprites of enemies, all bricks are red, +other to-do. By the way, the original game god-mode cartridge via BlueMSX.

Keys: ← ↑ → to move. ↓ to put a column, also [z][x]
Alternate left [m][<], right [>][?], jump up [k],[l]
Spacebar or Enter breaks bricks.
Die by using [F1] or [d] or button.
Mouse and touch - maybe playable.

Scaling: []

Levels: (click and play)

, goodies:

Walkthrough best* to see:
*may be deleted in next updates, sorry